Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex

Rhoda Grant MSP has proposed a change to legislation which if passed, means that clients of sex workers will be criminalised.  This proposal would make it illegal to purchase sex in Scotland. Rhoda Grant believes that ‘prostitution in Scotland is a form of sexual violence against women and sexual exploitation.’  She believes that ‘prostitution is inherently harmful and dehumanising’ and that ‘the majority of those who are involved in prostitution are unwilling participants.’

The public consultation on Rhoda Grant’s proposals for a new law to criminalise the purchase of sex is now closed. 

Read SCOT-PEP's response to Rhoda's consultation here.

(You can also read her full consultation document here.) 

You can also read the excellent responses that were submitted by our colleagues and allies from NSWP, IUSW, ECP, SWOU and UKNSWP by clicking on their organisation name (in red) here.

Thank you to all of you who responded.  We will keep our website up to date with developments, and the results of the consultation, as they happen.

You can call us on 0131 622 7550 if you have any questions or concerns.