GLASGOW: Sex worker-only get together, support, discussion, and know your rights

GLASGOW: Sex worker-only get together, support, discussion, and know your rights

Sex Worker Open University, SCOT-PEP and Umbrella Lane are holding a social event where sex workers (or anyone selling or trading sex, no matter how you self-describe) can meet other workers, learn about the different sex worker-led organisations operating in Scotland, and share information and tips on health, safety and the law.

The event will be held at a venue near Kinning Park Subway Station in Glasgow on Wednesday, 7th of September, between 1pm and 6pm. Free tea, coffee, cakes and condoms! Travel expenses (up to £5) can be covered. Sex workers are welcome to bring their children, and entertainment for kids (pens, paper, crayons etc) will be available.


1pm: Introducing each other and make new contacts and buddies (Jewel, SCOT PEP)

2pm: Access to health: What are the issues we face when wanting to access health services in Scotland? What is available (Staci, Umbrella Lane)


3pm break


3.30 pm: Safety and violence: How do we keep ourselves safe? Have you experienced violence or threats, and want to speak to other workers about it? With an introduction to National Ugly Mugs (Luca, SWOU)


4.30 pm: The law in Scotland: what are the current laws in Scotland and what could they be? An introduction to the Prostitution Law Reform drafted by SCOT PEP and what you can do to support it (Molly, SCOT PEP).


If you would like to discuss any issues related to sex work, ask any questions or know the full address of the venue, please contact us at luca [at] swou [dot] org (luca [at] swou [dot] org) or on 07490497969.

The event is for people currently selling or trading sex only. Please do not share the details of the venue to non-sex workers.